Aimie Wallace

Functional Nutritionist & Certified Health Coach 

Health is not just about what you’re eating or exercising. It’s about what you’re thinking and believing about yourself. Health is a lifestyle not a choice we make when we are sick, overweight, or even stressed to the max.
Aimie Wallace Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Aimie ! I’m here to get you results I have a no bullshit approach, I am a truth teller and I come from lived experiences. I want to know what’s going on for you, where you’re at in your life that has not gotten you to your happy place yet.

About Me

Nutritionist & Health Coach, I am 49 years young, an athlete, a vegetarian but really doesn’t matter, I live a Healthy lifestyle its who I am. I’ve had fitness highs and lows as a Professional athlete, unhealthy relationships with food, alcohol, and self sabotage. I was shameful, and I decided enough! I got the help, I did the work on myself, I let go of my beliefs about myself, and now I am shameless. Recovery is an everyday process, I have amazing people in my life, I am transparent, I do my inside work daily and with ‘other coaches’ to guide me, and I found therapy in telling my story through laughter in stand up comedy. What I have learned so far in my recovery is being vulnerable allows us to grow and it starts with getting the fucked up stories out of our head, asking for help, trusting others, and believing you can do anything.

My Values & Beliefs


When you’re transparent, you invite trust by revealing that you have nothing to hide. You establish yourself as an honest, credible person in the eyes of others.


Being authentic is for me about being real, choosing to say what I feel no matter the outcome.


Being accountable to myself accepting that I am who I am and where I am are because of my choices that I have made.


Believe in yourself its your road map to freedom, doing whatever it takes. “Whatever will be is up to me.” Words I live by.

My Approach

My approach comes from a place of lived experiences, openness, and no judgment. I come into all my programs with health in mind, daily detoxification in body and mind practices, identifying beliefs, recognizing habits and moving through in order to change. The change happens when the work happens inside. When I am coaching my role is to help implement habit change and modifications to things like diet, behavior, and lifestyle. It starts with identifying what you don’t want and shifting into what you do want. Why I do what I do because I really care about people and getting them the results they truly want for their health, body, mind, and spirit.


I am self employed my company is AIM Wellness, since 2011. I love the gym, golfing, cycling, hockey, pickleball, and most important sleeping; I do stand up comedy for therapy #HILARAPY and enjoy making people laugh.

Professional Experience

Former, C.P.G.A Golf Professional, BC, former Personal Trainer/Strength Coach, Functional Nutritionist, Certified Health & Life Coach, Bemer PEMF Therapy, & Biofeedback.

Academic History

My Specialties

Plant based nutrition
Digestion / Detoxification
Weight loss / Diet
Addictions / Recovery
Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian Diet
Sleep Improvement
Sports Nutrition Performance & Recovery

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