Working with a Nutritionist

In our practice, while working with a Nutritionist, we focus on a food-first approach & help clients build healthy lifestyles that are sustainable!  It starts with detoxification of the body systems, reducing toxins, inflammation, understanding the clients’ emotional and mental health, looking at their lifestyle, environment, sleep health, nutrition deficiencies, diet, meal plans, supplementation, and exercise./movement.  Our focus is to treat the whole person uniquely as everyone is different, it’s not a one size fits all method.  

It ALL matters

Our programs are designed to ensure each individual we work with in creating their individualized health blueprint. 

Why we are different and take a functional nutrition approach?

8020 Nutritionist

Unlike other protocols that tell you which foods to add or subtract, or what supplements to recommend, our go-to Functional Nutrition protocol helps not just with some cases, but with all of them. The protocol we use in our practice guides us to the clues so that we can uncover the true root causes of our clients’ issues. This is what allows our clients to have both universal and sustainable results when working with a Nutritionist. 

We are advocates of the 80/20 rule of 80% DIET and 20% EXERCISE and why food is our focus.  

Food nutrition can be the key to restoring health to the people seeking our help. It’s the principles outlined here that have enabled us to help people who were unable to find relief before, despite their best efforts (and even those of their doctors!)

Our foundation of any healing protocol. It’s based on the principle of “root cause resolution” that states you must first remove obstacles to cure.

While working with a Functional Nutritionist at AIM Wellness, we help to eliminate the biggest inflammatory culprits in one’s diet and lifestyle before moving on to more complex measures, it starts in the GUT. There are some items that are Non-Negotiable’s for anyone who just isn’t feeling well. This includes the elimination of refined sugar, gluten, and dairy, to start. There will also be many Non-Negotiable’s that are specific to each individual, these may take time to tease out. (This is where our work truly comes in!) Personalized Non-Negotiable’s may include further dietary elimination protocols (more inflammatory foods, high histamine foods, hard to digest proteins—all based on the singular needs of the individual, and not on any one set protocol.   Non-Negotiable’s may also include exercise, habits and routines such as a set bedtime, meditation, hydration, community connection, and more. These unique Non-Negotiable’s are found by using tracking tools that we do in Functional Nutrition.

Our work with clients is gradual and what we do know when monitoring and coaching our clients the most successful are those that are willing to make the suggested changes in their diet and lifestyle in order to get better.

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